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We’re pleased to offer folks a free 30-minute initial consultation. It’s a nice way to get to know each other better while discuss your goals and expectations. Schedule yours now.



You've worked hard to get your brand in a great place – and you want to keep it that way. Get support for the usual asks that pop up on the regular, such as presentation decks, copy for new products or services, and employee bios, plus sales collateral like booklets and case studies.


Your brand is established, but it doesn't always feel cohesive from one asset to the next. Get reworked versions of website copy, templates, sales materials, business cards, and other items that go astray, bringing them back into alignment with your brand and style guide.


It's been a while and your brand needs to start pulling its own weight – or your growing company has outgrown its initial look and feel. We'll establish a strategy that fits your business model, based on where you've been and where you want to go. Get a fresh start with brand-new everything, including logos, taglines, imagery, tenets, mission statements, Squarespace websites, marketing materials, social-media presence, style guides, and more.


Have a special request? Let's work together to create a special plan that's tailored to your exact needs, preferences, timing, and budget.


In the market for a new job – or a new industry? Get one-on-one consulting about your individual career focus and direction. Learn how to clearly and effectively communicate your unique value to potential employers. Gain a new level of confidence from distinctive, professionally styled assets, like a flawless resume, business card, personal website, and LinkedIn profile. If you’d like, we can even help you brush up on your interview skills.


areas of expertise

•  Branding
•  Strategy
•  Concepting

•  Copywriting
•  Editing  Chicago, AP
•  Proofreading

•  Creative direction
•  Graphic design  Adobe CC
•  Web design  Squarespace

Rates & Policies

We provide great value to our clients and it takes time to create something you'll love – and get a lot of mileage from.

Based on the scope of work, our rates may be flat-fee or hourly. Most projects can be accomplished on a flat-fee rate, which not only provides the greatest cost transparency for our clients, it also gives us the greatest freedom to focus on the creative process. With hourly rates, we’re upfront about when or why they’re necessary and provide cost transparency via reasonable time estimates.

For your convenience and security, all clients receive formal services agreements, mutual nondisclosure agreements, estimates, scopes of work, and detailed invoices.

We respectfully decline to do work on spec.


underdog initiative

We're proud to support the scrappiest among us, especially those paying it forward in kind.

Some may be overcoming hardships, risking it all to pursue their sole proprietorship or small business; others may be dedicating themselves to a much-needed cause that enriches society but not wallets.

Don't be shy – contact us. Let's chat about possible arrangements and additional resources that may help.