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Citrus Club

Just as Pork Store isn’t a store and DNA Lounge isn’t a lounge, Citrus Club isn’t a club. Instead, it’s a great little Asian-fusion restaurant tucked into the Upper Haight. Subdued lighting, candles, and crimson accents make for a cozy, private experience in a typically crowded setting. Your best bet is a group of two to four; any more than that without a reservation will feel like you’re waiting for a white iPhone.

Citrus Club bases its dishes on traditional recipes but uses citrus in place of heavy oils. This goes perfectly with the rich, warm flavors of peanut and coconut found in many of the dishes. (You guessed it:  Neither one is a nut.)

You can order any of Citrus Club’s entrees and appetizers, but we’d be terribly remiss if we didn’t give a nod to the most epic dishes on the menu:  the Vietnamese Spring Rolls and the Garlic Beef & Shiitake Mushroom Noodles. The spring rolls are bundled in a delightfully stretchy rice wrapper and come with a side of creamy peanut dipping sauce.  One order is the perfect size for two people, or one person who knows better. The noodles come in a pho-sized bowl, so, in theory, it’s more like two portions. Of course, it would require superhuman willpower to stop noshing down on this garlicky, beefy, mushroomy Ambrosia from the Noodle Gods. (Let’s just say it’s about ten bites past your better judgment.)  Top that off with a great selection of drinks—try the cold, slightly fruity unfiltered Nigori sake—and you’re ready to dig into some serious comfort food.

Fair warning:  Your trip home via The Wiggle might feel more like a waddle.

House of Air

If your usual workout doesn't add up to "fun time," take gravity out of the equation.

For less than your average space flight, you can hop over to House of Air for an Air Conditioning class. Since 10 minutes on a trampoline is like 33 minutes of running, this 50-minute session is like, well, finding the Fountain of Aw Yeah.

In each instructor-led session, you'll blast through a variety of exercises designed to provide cardio, strength, and endurance training—and to put a smile on your face. Play rounds of bouncy catch with your classmates. Slyly race your partner as you do walking planks across "The Matrix." And feel weightless every time you rocket off the trampolines.

When you wake up the next morning, you'll be aware of some muscles you didn't even know existed (say, all of them). Never fear; that earthbound feeling fades with every workout.

So why are you beaming? Must be that inexplicable urge to boldly go back for more.

San Francisco Honda

Every Honda starts off at 100%. A few years of maintenance, and, the next thing you know, it’s a 72% Hondota Genericcord. Usually, you have only two choices. There’s taking it to a dealership (but you don’t really need a gold-encrusted oil filter or a caviar-infused underbody scrub) or to that one guy you know who fixes anything with a motor (but leaves you wondering if the engine’s slowly being replaced with repurposed scooter parts).

And then there’s the family-owned San Francisco Honda Service Center. Given the noticeable absence of plaid suits and Aqua Velva, we’re going to refrain from calling it a dealership.

When you drop off your Honda for an oil change, it’ll receive the exact OEM (“made by the people who invented it in the first place”) parts and fluids that keep your vehicle running its best. Plus, you get a free shuttle around town, free Wi-Fi, and a free car wash after any service. They’re also open Saturdays. (It’s like they actually want to earn your business, or something.) With an attitude like that, SF Honda ensures that your car won’t be the only one feeling 100% again.



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