Merry Christmas

and a very happy new year!


Julie + Jake

zomg, 2014 Highlights Collage!



Ever since I got to go once in high school, I had been dying to go back to Maui one day. Generally assumed it was way too expensive and never going to happen, then made the mistake of discovering that plane tickets were just $188 each way. In February. Around my 30th birthday. Hmm...

Next thing I know, I'm spending a week driving all over the island in the car I always wanted to get (because I'm a dork), renting little cottages and studios from nice locals (and getting great tips about the best places to eat), camping under palm trees (for free, because I went to Haleakala), snorkeling with lots of fishies (lol nose fish, I mean, unicorn fish), swimming with sea turtles while they pranked beachgoers (two days in a row), and watching whales breach all the time off the coast (they must seem like Spring Breakers to the local fauna, just party and make a lot of noise!). Maui on the cheaps? Totally doable. Recommended.

You go through life thinking you've seen all the colors that exist....and then you go to Maui. Mind. Blown. Unretouched photo from my iPhone, btw.

Anyone can go on the Road to Hana, but the Road from Hana was amazingly beautiful and totally worth it! Don't believe the scary myths.

Uh, did I mention this was my dream car to rent here? Hardtop with removable roof panels, goes anywhere, AND it comes in black?!

My favorite kind of sign.

I might have been clawing at the doorway when it was time to leave.


Adopted my first-ever dog! Little Jake here (foster name Jax) wasn't more than a year old and had been in a kill shelter in Chowchilla somehow. He was rescued by Copper's Dream, fostered by a very sweet couple in San Jose, then adopted by a college student who returned him to the fosters a week later (!). I'm proud to give him a forever home, and it was totally love at first sight.

Jake is also a popular blogger:

I may have been a bit too excited in the car the day I got him.

What a happy, handsome little gent'eman he's become!

Jake reporting for duty, Santa, SIR!

My hairdresser's got skillz.


I'm blonde (again)! Mostly, I'm lazy.

June  So much fun stuff! Rode about 1000 miles at the Spring Rally, which went up to Gold Country. Made a day trip of going all over Way Northern California and riding through Lassen State Park. I even saw a bald eagle sitting near a creek on the way there! Then, later in the month, I got to participate for the second time in the moto portion of the SF Pride Parade, and had the fun of having my best friend Liz as my cupcake (silly nickname for "passenger"). May have gotten a little carried away with the costumes.

Let me remind you that it was June. And 72 degrees out. Awesome!

Mt. Lassen looms in the background. (Fun fact:  Just like Mt. Shasta, it's a volcano.)

Favorite photo of my bike yet.

Beautiful day to celebrate happy people! And like everything in SF, it's better with a costume. ^_^

My lovely cupcake, Liz. It was a bit too loud/crazy to put Jake on the back. (He'd be my pupcake? Ba dum tsssh.)

Lol, we were the Ladies of Ooo. Moto was dressed as Lady Rainicorn, I was Fionna, and Liz was Princess Bubblegum. All from "Adventure Time."

October  Had a very silly Halloween as Rafiki and Simba from "Lion King." Yes, themed costumes are totally happening from now on.


You cannot run from the past, Simba!

You must learn from it! Well, mostly you learned that Mom will put you in silly costumes...

December  Spending a lovely Christmas in the North Bay with my mom and grandparents, and it'll be Jake's first Christmas with his new family! Next year has some very exciting changes in store, and I look forward to catching up with you all in 2015.

We are a very serious people.

let's not wait another year,

Julie 'n' Jake

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