Newsletter time!

Hey everyone,

I realize I was dreadfully remiss in sending out a holiday newsletter slash Christmas card last year, but for what it's worth, was definitely sending good thoughts your collective way.

So, without further ado, here's a special TWO-YEAR edition of my holiday newsletter! Click any photo to see it bigger.

Much love to you all and I hope you're having a beautiful holiday.




January - March

Was in grad school in Stockholm, Sweden, then came back through London and NYC before heading home to the Bay Area to hope to jeebus I could find a job after leaving my Miami Ad School program.

Where I was staying in Jarfalla, Sweden, before moving into Stockholm city.

April - December

Landed a job at Loopt a mere 30 days after I got home from grad school and promptly became too busy with startup life to have the decency to make a Christmas newsletter.

I'm sorry. I get a little carried away when faced with an unlimited supply of Post-Its.


Uh, excuse me, April-December, but I totally landed a super-sweet apartment in San Francisco this month.

Okay, carry on.

Seriously, the new digs are super-sweet, you guys. Come visit. I have furniture now and everything.



Absolutely loved working at Loopt, but found out that it was being sold to another company and decided it wasn't my cup of . . . financial services.

I did manage to throw a phat NYE party with about 30 to 40 of my closest friends. That was rad.


Left Loopt and got a new job working as a copywriter for a utilities contractor.

Also, turned 28! Huzzah. Wait, already?!

Went for a lot of trail runs at Mt. Tam this month. The weather was ridiculously nice.


Cofounded a startup with my friend Dave. To no one's great surprise, it's going to be a repair/maintenance app for motorcyclists.

Whoo, we have an LLC and a big-boy logo and everything. \m/

April - July

Whole lot of boring, in the busiest possible way:  Surviving the day job and working on my startup the rest of the time.

Did a mud run in Northern California. No, it wasn't the one where you get electrocuted with battery wires. Those people are nuts.


Said farewell to my first motorcycle and started parting it out. Rest in pieces, '91 EX500 (aka Amanda).

But then, much overdue for an upgrade after 6 years, I got an '06 SV650 (aka George)! All hail fuel injection.

And then a car changed lanes into me just blocks from my house and I was involved in an accident. Stupid SF drivers. Yes, I was wearing all my gear. No, I wasn't at fault. And yay, everything worked out okay—I'm almost done with physical therapy and George the Tank is good as new. Here's to riding another day! Which I am. \m/

Learner bike that turned into a long-time project bike. Amanda's now being reincarnated into other worthy Ninjas.

You can't even tell anything happened to it. Hence the addition of "the Tank" to George's full name. ^_^


Made my first trip to Hawthorne! Granted, I had to take the car instead of the moto, but It's this big BARF rally out to some dirt town in Nevada past Yosemite. Definitely not something to miss! (*cough* possibly spent two gorgeous days drinking in a pool)

Despite recovering from the accident still, I also managed to not miss my mud run slash Disneyland trip to L.A. to see my awesome friends down there.

Admittedly, it ended up having to be more of a mud *walk* on my part. But I did it!


Went as Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time for Halloween this year. The battleaxe-bass was a whole nother ridiculous costuming item:  I spent two days hand-sanding it from foam insulation board, Mod Podging it, and then spray- and hand-painting.

You can even twang the silver elastic "strings." Totally worth it.

Daaaaddy, why did you eat my fries...


Of course I randomly met another motorcyclist, for whom I'm kinda stupid.

His name is Dan.

He's awesome.

It was a black-and-yellow party. We're not normally this cool.

We also wear horrible Christmas sweaters to holiday parties.

And of course we ride motos. (Seems like that goes without saying.)


Crossing my fingers for a new job in the coming year. Planning a weeklong motorcycle trip with Dan and some other bikers down to San Felipe (Baja) in January. Making dinner for my mom and grandparents on Christmas day. Having some friends up to SF for a visit. Throwing another baller NYE party on the 31st.

Life is peaches, and I hope this year has found you as fortunate and happy.