Eickhof Creative Shop LLC specializes in branding, strategy, copywriting, and design. We’re based in the Portland Metro Area, working locally and remotely. The shop has been around for over a decade, and it’s a 100% woman-owned small business. We like dog people.

our manifesto

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Eickhof Creative Shop is a certified Oregon Benefit Company.


These amazing, Portland–based community nonprofits are near and dear to us, and we’re proud to support their efforts through donations of time and money:

OHSU Fibromyalgia
/ Clinical Care

They’re leading the way in research and treatment for fibromyalgia, a chronic syndrome involving the central nervous system and predominantly characterized by muscle pain and fatigue; there is no established cause or known cure at this time.


Best known for the annual Portland Pride Waterfront Festival and Parade – one of the largest Pride celebrations on the West Coast – they also work to celebrate and support the whole of the Pacific Northwest’s LGBTQ+ community year-round.

Dog Rescue

They’re a volunteer-driven Oregon nonprofit organized and operated to facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of dogs while forming partnerships with other local rescues, shelters, veterinarians, and businesses.

Mercy Corps

They invest in communities, uncover equitable access to resources, and charge toward a vision of breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty for good. They offer a variety of business classes, seminars, and counseling services designed for bootstrapping entrepreneurs.

People who qualify to receive an ECS Referrer Bonus can choose to accept a cash payment – or to have the money put toward a charitable donation in their name to one of these great organizations!

the team

Trust comes from knowing we have your best interests at heart – not because we said "trust us." Let's get to know each other better. We’ll start.


Julie Eickhof

Brand Mechanic

With a solid background in copywriting and editing and a sharp eye for design, Julie loves when all the little parts of a brand come together in a big way.

As the owner of Eickhof Creative Shop, she enjoys a good challenge, from leveling the playing field for scrappy small-business owners to creating positive change within larger, established organizations.

Her extensive education includes etymology homework at age five, a BA in Linguistics from UC Davis, and professional copywriting and design studies at Miami Ad School.

In her free time, she enjoys riding her motorcycles, MacGyvering things, and camping with Jake.



Jacob (JAke) T. Pup, esq.

Director, Human Resources

With a strong commitment to employee wellness and naps, Jake promotes a culture of productivity and job satisfaction at Eickhof Creative Shop.

Since joining the shop in 2014, Jake has had a paw in developing many innovative self-care programs at the Shop, including the stress-management series "You Need Pup Snuggles" and the health-and-fitness initiative "Done in 60 Seconds: Seriously, Take One Minute and Throw That Ball." He's also a leading expert on the lifelong benefits of napping.

A shelter survivor and former foster, Jake is a vocal advocate of the #AdoptDontShop movement. He's passionate about educating other species about the amazing abilities and contributions of rescue dogs.

In his free time, Jake enjoys entertaining guests, staying active through walking, hiking, and swimming, and meticulously curating his extensive collection of toys.





I’m an attorney who owns a small law practice that helps small business owners, nonprofits, and artists/entertainers. This is my third business and it took me 9 bar exams to become a lawyer. I tell you this because my law firm is my baby. It is the good, bad, ugly, and silver lining of my life that gets me up in the morning. I would not have trusted putting my website reformatting, design, branding, and other needed services into the hands of anyone else but Julie and Eickhof Creative Shop.

Julie is smart, caring, patient, and amazing at what she does. She went over and beyond my expectations. She worked with both me and my Office Manager even during our chaotic days to make sure we had everything we needed for the project and reminded us when something needed to be checked, added, or changed. She took extra time and effort to make certain web pages and processes specific to what we needed. She cared (and continues to care) about our brand, brand values, and role in the community. As a fellow benefit company, she sought out to understand our how and why and to create online platforms that would properly and appropriately showcase these to the public at large.

She had and has a positive attitude and a pep in her step that inspires me to work harder and smile more. All of this merged with a diligent work ethic result in beautiful work. I would highly recommend her and will highly recommend her to friends, family, and my own business clients.
— Michael Jonas, Owner + Principal Attorney, Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC
Julie is an amazing person to work with. She is extremely skilled and creative, and one of the friendliest people I have met. She works with you until you have a product you are happy with. I recommend her without reservation.
— Mario Martinez, LAUSD High School Teacher
I feel great about [my brand tenets] and am already feeling inspired about incorporating them into my website and other marketing materials.

I loved the format of [the Brand-Tenet Development] session! I didn’t know what to expect, but the funneling of ideas made me feel much less scattered about all of this.

I also want to tell you that I am impressed by your systems for client interaction, and it has been valuable for me, as a service provider, to play the role of the client, especially the client of someone so organized!

Looking forward to developing some branding aesthetics that will help bring my client-facing organization to the next level.
— Jessie Goldbaugh, Owner + QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Jessie Goldbaugh Bookkeeping + Accounting
Working with Julie has been a remarkable process, and I am so excited by the result!

It’s a stunning piece of work that I could not have imagined before Julie worked with me to develop it. Very exciting!
— Kurt Sunderbruch, Management Consultant
The whole ‘Brand Mechanic’ concept and design is one of the coolest examples of personal branding I’ve ever seen. Everything about it just plays so nicely, down to the little pencil/lugnut logo.

I use it as an example every time I teach on that topic.
— Ian Anderson Oliver
Julie is a pleasure to work with. Quick, smart, and organized. Easy to get along with and downright friendly.
— Kyle Epperson
For a word nerd, you seem pretty good with the picture‑y bits.
— Ian Peters-Campbell
Julie is a pretty good all-around nerd, who doesn’t need to specialize.
— Aaron Bonner, Founder, Pedro Point Brewing



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